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Five healthy facts to keep you at your peak

It’s that time of year again – are your New year, new me and possibly yet another New Years’ resolution starting to go by the wayside? High expectations and even higher disappointments have built such a negative connotation around the idea that… Read more »

It’s Wedding Season!

Spring as sprung and in Queensland that means wedding season! The biggest day of your life could cost more than you think. Money smart has put together this infographic that shows how much you can actually spend on your wedding… Read more »

Make your retirement savings go further with these handy tips

You’ve worked hard all your life and are looking forward to enjoying a comfortable retirement. How can you be sure that your savings will last? The good news is that with life expectancy constantly rising, you can now expect to… Read more »


“With the close of the financial year, it’s time to review what’s happened in investment markets. MLC’s portfolio specialist John Owen provided this comprehensive review.” John Owen, Portfolio Specialist, MLC A rewarding year for investors The financial year to 30… Read more »

Financial things you should know by the time you’re 30

Finances are not always straight forward.  Depending upon your financial personality and your personal situation, your first whiff of your own cash most likely went one of two ways: you were either overcome with a sense of freedom and extravagance… Read more »

Avoid a retirement lifestyle crash

While you’re working, with money coming in, you can probably afford to live life the way you choose. But what will happen to your lifestyle when you retire? When you’re used to a certain standard of living, it can be… Read more »

5 ways to make tax time easier

Most of us don’t look forward to tax time. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. By getting organised early, you can save time, claim all the deductions you’re entitled to — and even get your return paid faster. Not… Read more »

Get more bang for your tax buck this financial year

The end of the financial year is almost here. With a little planning, you can increase your chances of a healthy tax return and start the new financial year in top financial shape. Here are three tips to get you… Read more »

Investment Seminars 2nd – 4th May

We are excited to be bringing John Owen, NAB Portfolio Specialist back to Soundbridge to give an investment briefing & discuss current opportunities in the investment market. With Brexit and the new American President, markets have delivered good returns. Economic… Read more »

Soundbridge Success Stories – Insuring Your Future

Rockhampton based Adviser, Peter Harding, was recently contacted by a client and was given the sad news that her husband had been diagnosed with a serious illness. Unable to work and with medical costs mounting they were unsure how they… Read more »

Bongo’s Legacy: Fit for a Champion

Last weekend saw Cyril & Diane Thomasson, make a trip to Maroochydore SLSC to launch the Robbie T, the surfboat named after their son, the late Robert ‘Bongo’ Thomasson. As long standing active members of the Maroochydore Surf Life Saving… Read more »

Soundbridge Success Stories – Managing Redundancy

Recently redundant and able to go on an overseas holiday? Perhaps you’ve been afforded the opportunity to go back to university full time and still support yourself? This might seem like a dream for some but for two smart Soundbridge… Read more »