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Meet the Team: Richard Newton

Richard Newton

Meet our Financial Adviser and Aged Care Specialist, Richard Newton, who works out of our Rockhampton Office. Listen to Richard’s insights into financial planning in an interview with Penny Farrell, General Manager of Soundbridge. Richard is an Electrician by trade,… Read more »

Why you need a Will

Why you need a Will

It’s now more important than ever to have an estate plan so you can make sure your family and loved ones are looked after should you become ill or die.
Your estate plan is a set of arrangements that sets out what will happen to your assets when you die and/or if you become unable to manage your own affairs. Your Will is just one part of your estate plan.

Meet the Team:Craig Cavanagh

Meet Craig Cavanagh

Meet our Gladstone-based Financial Adviser, Craig Cavanagh. Craig shares his perspectives on financial planning in an interview with Penny Farrell, General Manager of Soundbridge.

Aged Care Case Study with Richard Newton

Aged Care Planning Case Study

Our Financial Adviser, Richard Newton, who is an Aged Care planning specialist, shares a case study for Seniors’ Week. “I had a family come in to the office, confused about the the aged care sector. Their father was ill, and… Read more »

Aged Care Planning Insights

Aged Care Planning Infographic

Moving into residential aged care may not be on anyone’s bucket list, but as the population ages, it’s a possibility that few of us can ignore. The average Australian can expect to live into their 80’s, and many of us will live beyond 90. That means more of us will need some form of aged care late in life. And as pressure grows on aged care service providers to cater for more people, the costs may rise.

5 Financial things you should know by the time you’re 35

balancing money and lifestyle

The actions you take now to set yourself up for the future, will take the pressure off down the track. So how do you go about gaining financial knowledge?

Making the most of your Redundancy Payout

Redundancy Payout

Facing redundancy can cause severe psychological distress, and have far-reaching financial implications. The good news is that your redundancy payment comes with financial opportunities.

Lifestyle Inflation – Could it be your biggest financial threat?

Lifestyle Inflation causes financial stress

“There’s a new villain in town, and it’s attacking the lower, middle and upper classes. It’s called lifestyle inflation, and it doesn’t care how much money you make—it can still find you.” David Ramsey As we embark on a new… Read more »

Want to be better with money?

better with money

Here are 10 tips from our experienced team for developing good money habits and a positive money mindset

Redundancy: Why Financial Advice Matters

Dealing with Redundancy

Coronavirus, economic downturns, working from home, the new normal…business is restructuring, and change is happening fast! Redundancy is on the increase and has become a part of the working landscape.
You need a financial plan to see you through the immediate crisis of your redundancy, and to set you back on the road to achieving your financial goals.

Navigating Complex Aged Care Choices

Richard Newton, Aged & Disability Care Specialist Adviser

Whether you are considering aged care for yourself, a parent, partner or loved one, the decisions you face can seem overwhelming. Richard Newton, our certified Aged & Disability Care Specialist Adviser, explains Aged Care Fees and some of the considerations you should keep in mind.

Current Covid-19 Assistance Measures – Quick Reference Guide

Current Covid-19 Assistance Measures - Quick Reference Guide

All the current Covid-19 Government Assistance Measure in one place, in a handy, one-page guide! As we worked through the numerous current Covid-19 Assistance packages for our own business, we created a brief summary of all of the measures in… Read more »