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What’s your Gift-Giver Personality? Take the Gift-Giver Personality Quiz

Each year, the average Australian adult spends the following on gifts: $437 for our spouse or partner, $361 for each of our children, $201 per parent, and $115 for our pet! According to research by the Financial Planning Association of… Read more »

Beyond Super – Explore Your Options for Retirement Income

Retirement Income Options

You’ve worked hard and spent a lifetime saving and building up your Super. Now it’s time to leave work for good and retire. Where will your money come from? What’s the best way to organise your finances to cover your… Read more »

2019-20 Federal Budget Breakdown – Early Insights from the Experts at Soundbridge

The 2019-20 Federal Budget was announced on 2 April with highlights including a return to a surplus position sooner than expected, catering for a stronger economy and securing a better future by giving back to Australians. This is demonstrated by… Read more »

Soundbridge Celebrates 40 Years!

This year our founders Cyril and Diane Thomasson reached the fantastic milestone of 40 Years in Financial Planning. We celebrated with acknowledgements from our team with memories from the 1980’s and we have clients and relationships that extend back as… Read more »

2017/18 Financial Year Review

Key Points 2017-18 saw strong returns for diversified investors, but it was a story of two halves with strong December half returns but more volatility in the past 6 months. Key lessons for investors from the last financial year include:… Read more »

Di’s Journey – A Critical Story

In my former life I was a Coronary Care Trained Nurse and a midwife, where I experienced the full impact of what a Critical illness meant to the patient and their family. As a nurse I was able to hold… Read more »

6FT Tall & Bullet proof – or know someone who is??

There is a common misconception among Millennials (Gen Y) currently aged 24-38 and born between 1980 & 1994 that “Trauma” or “Critical Illness” (CI) cover (these are two names for the same thing) is not applicable to them and might be… Read more »

Five healthy facts to keep you at your peak

It’s that time of year again – are your New year, new me and possibly yet another New Years’ resolution starting to go by the wayside? High expectations and even higher disappointments have built such a negative connotation around the idea that… Read more »

It’s Wedding Season!

Spring as sprung and in Queensland that means wedding season! The biggest day of your life could cost more than you think. Money smart has put together this infographic that shows how much you can actually spend on your wedding… Read more »

Make your retirement savings go further with these handy tips

You’ve worked hard all your life and are looking forward to enjoying a comfortable retirement. How can you be sure that your savings will last? The good news is that with life expectancy constantly rising, you can now expect to… Read more »


“With the close of the financial year, it’s time to review what’s happened in investment markets. MLC’s portfolio specialist John Owen provided this comprehensive review.” John Owen, Portfolio Specialist, MLC A rewarding year for investors The financial year to 30… Read more »

Financial things you should know by the time you’re 30

Finances are not always straight forward.  Depending upon your financial personality and your personal situation, your first whiff of your own cash most likely went one of two ways: you were either overcome with a sense of freedom and extravagance… Read more »