Welcome to a New Decade: Economic Update Seminar

Soundbridge Economic Update Seminar Tony Harte

On Wednesday 11th March, we held an Economic Update Seminar with presentations by the Soundbridge Team and Tony Harte, Investment Specialist and QLD State Manager from Perpetual. Tony gave us information on the world markets and how the current events and economic environments affect the Australian context. It was a very enjoyable evening, with good food and wine, and lively discussion.

Client feedback has been amazing, with those who attended reporting that they felt very welcome, and that the information provided was “to the point and meant something.”

Be an Emotionally Intelligent Investor in Challenging Times

“When markets are going crazy and you’re hearing lots of noise in the media, that is the BEST time to stand your ground and stick to the plan.”

Being an emotionally intelligent investor means:

  • Tuning out irrelevant information and noise
  • Making sure you have the right mix of investments, by planning with your Financial Adviser
  • Resisting the urge to follow the herd (crowd) and be willing to stand alone
  • Having the strength to stay the course and stick to the long-term plan no matter what

Emotionally Intelligent Investors avoid locking in their losses through panic selling. They also avoid paying too much by sidestepping the traps of greed and fear of missing out (FOMO), and understand that the pain of missing out on potential gains is far outweighed by the pain of losing money.

Emotionally Intelligent Investors don’t measure  their financial success by comparing the performance of their investments to arbitrary benchmarks like the ASX 200 Index, or other people’s investment performance. They know that the only true measure of investment success should be based on their own goals and whether they are achieving them.

Why does it work?

Markets will always MOVE up and down, but the principles of good investing DON’T CHANGE.

Time in the market is much more important than ‘timing the market,’ because history has taught us that those who stayed the course, and had the foresight to take advantage of high-quality assets on sale, during the worst financial crises of our time, ultimately benefited the most from the inevitable market upswing.

How can you ensure that you are an emotionally intelligent investor?

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s increasingly hard to tune out the noise. With recent world events such as drought, fire, cyclones, floods and of course COVID19, the pressure to ‘do something’ is intense.  At Soundbridge we understand that having a trusted and objective investment partner at your side, who understands your values and goals, and can help you avoid costly, emotionally-charged decisions. Our qualified and experienced Advisers will help you to:

  • Set clear financial goals that reflect your values at all stages of your life
  • Build a sound plan to achieve your goals
  • Regularly review, update and fine-tune your plan to ensure the optimal results
  • Navigate economic challenges and stay on track

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