Managing Redundancy

Facing redundancy can cause severe psychological distress, and have far-reaching financial implications.

It is heartening, however, that our team of Financial Advisers have been there for a number of clients who have been made redundant, and have helped them to turn their bad situations around into opportunities.

We understand that Redundancy can happen at any age, and everyone’s experience is different. Not all have a happy ending, but personal financial advice that takes a holistic overview of your unique situation can make an enormous difference to your outcomes following redundancy, and other personally challenging life events – we know this to be an irrefutable fact.

If you’re facing redundancy or would like to review your financial situation, your best option is to seek advice from a licensed and experienced Financial Adviser, please make sure you do.

Should you choose to entrust Soundbridge with your financial future at this challenging point in your life, we offer a no-obligation, no-charge discovery meeting. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking with one of our qualified and experienced Advisers.

Soundbridge Financial offers the full spectrum of financial planning services (debt management, retirement planning, redundancy strategies, wealth creation, personal insurances, SMSF and Superannuation and borrowing to invest), and we are independently licenced which allows us to give the best, unbiased advice to meet our clients’ unique needs. Soundbridge Financial are based in Central Queensland, with offices in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Mackay and Moranbah, and we are proud of our 40 year history of helping people to make the most of their financial situations, and realise their goals and dreams.