How to prime your business for a sale

Develop a plan to increase the value of your business before you put it on the market so you can maximise the return on your investment.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve run the business for decades and plan to pass it on to the next generation, or you only founded it a matter of months ago with the express intention of selling it to a third party.

Whatever your situation, you deserve to gain the best returns you can for all your hard work.

Priming your business for sale is all about getting it into the best shape it’s ever seen. This means drilling down into the strategic details of your original business plan and accepted way of doing things, and possibly making significant changes.

Use this tool to build an Action Plan for priming your business for sale. It’ll help you compile a range of actions and solutions you can tailor to your situation, in a document you can download at the end for future use.