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3 things you may have forgotten to plan for in retirement

Retirement can be an exciting phase in your life. But all the recent changes to superannuation bring with them lifestyle and financial issues you need to be aware of as you plan your retirement. Retirement means different things to different… Read more »

How to optimise your retirement savings and retire richer.

Preparation can go a long way in ensuring you’re emotionally and financially ready for the road ahead.

10 tips to prepare for retirement


Looking forward to an enjoyable retirement? Check out our top 10 tips to make sure you’re on track.

Spotting signs of trouble in a retirement portfolio

“Retirement planning can be complex, and sometimes even the most obvious risks to a portfolio are more common than you may think,” says Barry Lucas, Financial Adviser at Soundbridge’s Mackay branch. “In these challenging financial times, it’s worth taking a closer look at your portfolio to make sure everything is on track.”

Beyond Super – Explore Your Options for Retirement Income

Retirement Income Options

You’ve worked hard and spent a lifetime saving and building up your Super. Now it’s time to leave work for good and retire. Where will your money come from? What’s the best way to organise your finances to cover your… Read more »