It’s Wedding Season!

Spring as sprung and in Queensland that means wedding season!

The biggest day of your life could cost more than you think. Money smart has put together this infographic that shows how much you can actually spend on your wedding and the sacrifices you make to get down the aisle.

The average Australian wedding costs a staggering $36,0000! That is more than most people put down as a house deposit!

 So how can you have a wedding on a budget?

  1. Think about the type of wedding you want to have. – You’ve probably been thinking about this your whole life but if not it’s time to get planning! Often you find a beautiful, more budget friendly location if you use your imagination.
  2. Set a budget! – Here’s where it’s time to get serious about figuring out how much you have to spend. Not everyone sets a clear and strict wedding budget total and sticks to it, and that’s okay. However, for most people in need of a wedding budget there is some discussion that needs to take place. Sit down with your partner and figure out how much money you are ready, willing, and comfortable spending on your wedding.
  3. Prioritise – What do you want to spend a lot of money on and what can you go without? Perhaps you want a fabulous photographer, maybe you want a great band. Having a plan in place will allow you to budget around these larger costs.
  4. Guest Lists – Do you really need to invite Great Aunt Edee’s second cousin? Think about who you really want to be present at your special day and only invite those people.
  5. Get Creative – Make as much of your decorations as you can. Hiring can be a great cost effective option to. Be sure to look at all avenues before buying the readymade version.

Sticking to a budget can be one of the trickiest parts of a wedding, especially with so many little things that crop up, but making yourself accountable and ensuring you set a budget and keep to it will ensure you don’t break the bank on your special day.




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