The Success of Retirement

Each month at our general meeting we take time to discuss breakthroughs, the difficult cases we are working on and congratulate everyone for their successes of work completed and insurance claims we have helped complete.

At one of the recent meetings one of our Adviser’s Mark McConnell put forward that we add retirement to this list as we are constantly seeing our clients retire with the funds they need to enjoy their retirement and live comfortably and he had recently assisted a number of people transition into retirement.

One such couple was Greg and Sue McGann, and here is what they had to say about their experience.

Well we have reached that magical time in our lives called retirement……a time when we can do what we like whenever we like. We are just at the beginning of this new journey having both just completed full-time teaching careers. Although we are no longer part of the full-time workforce, we still have the opportunity to do some casual work to supplement our income stream, however, this is our choice. We commenced our journey with our financial adviser 17 years ago, and with his guidance and advice, we are able to retire and live comfortably, knowing that our investment strategies will take care of themselves. We cannot speak more highly of Mark McConnell as our present Financial Adviser. He is down to earth, speaks our language, and considers us as people not just clients, taking into consideration our family situation and how that impacts on us. Soundbridge Financial Services are “on the ball” and nothing is too difficult for them to do for you.

Greg and Sue McGann

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